Just glad winter is over

A very long winter. Tons and I mean tons of snow everywhere including on the roofs. Many roofs in the area fell under the heavy load. We lost 3 shed roofs but were lucky that the cattle barns held up. We put posts under the trusses in my arena and that ended riding for about 6 weeks. It finally got so deep up there that we had to shovel one side of the arena roof off. We were lucky that we found some help shoveling it off the dairy barns.

So only one mare (Babe) due this spring. Plan on breeding two this year but would like to sell one.

Madeline the Smooth As A Cat is still at Ashley Baxstrom’s in Oklahoma.

Riding the two 4 year olds and having a good time. They are fun and learn easily. Makes all the work worth it.


A busy summer as usual. Riding the three fillies is a real treat. The Trash filly is quick and cute. The Smart Chic Olena filly is about 15 hands and rides like a dream. Long neck and so flexible. She seems to be real " cowy" at least on the flag! The Smooth As A Cat has a huge stop. I need to prepare every time for her stops from a lope. She just buries it. Have not brought cattle down here yet  

Nicci and icat are bred for 2018 and I wonder where all these horses will go? Eleven horses is getting to be a full house.

Babes colt bu Smooth Talkin Style might be her best looking baby yet. Foxy ears and big blaze. Good personality too. Hope he goes to a good home. 

Riding Niccacat a lot but she's fat! Fun horse and we have covered most of the farm this summer .I like the Smooth As A Cats!!

Summer 2016

Today is very hot for Wisconsin. The broodmares were sweating in the shade. They got baths and stalls under the fans. Big babies I know. 

'Only one mare bred for 2017. Babes Smart Mate is bred to the nice son of Smooth As A Cat ...Smooth Talkin Style .

The three yearling fillies are like bratty teenagers. It's fun to see how they interact. The Trash filly and Babes Smooth As A Cat picked on Nicci's Smart Chic Olena at first but now she has taken over as boss girl. They all look great. Next year will be interesting. 

Icat is at Ashley Baxstrom's in Oklahoma and will be shown for the first time at the end of August. Can't miss the debut! 

Really ...?? two years have gone by???

Well there are 12 horses here now. That's the most I've ever had but if you compare it to 1000 head of cattle that doesn't seem like so many does it? Haven't gone anywhere with the horses this year at all. Hope I can do better next year. Icat needs to work on cattle. The holstein heifers aren't the best cattle for cutting horses. You can't settle them because they get too calm and last about two times up and down the arena. Once in a great while one gives us a run for the money. Then I'm afraid she's going to crash through the arena wall and we will have one less replacement heifer. So we work the flag and think about nice angus cattle. 

The babies are always fun to watch grow up. Going back to some reining blood with a Trashadeous filly and a Smart Chic Olena filly. They both should have lots of cow in them anyway.

Babes Smooth As a Cat filly is as pretty as she's ever had. 

Winter's on its way and already I'm wishing for spring.